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Coping with Anxiety Edmund J.

Wired for Dating Stan Tatkin. Levels of Analysis in Psychopathology Kenneth S. Enactive Psychiatry Sanneke de Haan. The Divided Mind John E. Insecure in Love Leslie Becker-phelps. The Hungry Brain Dr. Table of contents I. Women's Psychobiology and Reproductive Life Cycle 1. Young, Anita Korszun, and Margaret Altemus 2.

Comprehensive Textbook of Women's Mental Health

Viguera, and Lee S. Cohen 5. Stowe 6. Warnock and Christine F. Blake 7. Parry II. Assessment and Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders in Women 8. Depression, Susan G. Kornstein and Barbara A. Wojcik 9. Bipolar Disorder, Marlene P. Freeman, Lesley M. Arnold, and Susan L. McElroy Schizophrenia, Jean S. Gearon and Jill A.

Rachbeisel Anxiety Disorders, Teresa A. Pigott Alcohol and Other Substance Abuse, R. Canterbury Eating Disorders, Pauline S.

Powers Sexual Dysfunction, Anita H. Clayton Colrain, and Kathryn A.

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Lee Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Katharine A. Phillips Somatoform Disorders, Ondria C.

Women's Sexual Health

Gleason and William R. Yates Personality Disorders, Paula L. Hensley and H. George Nurnberg Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Daniel A. Psychiatric Consultation in Women Gynecology, Diana L. Dell Chen and Elisabeth J.

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Kunkel Rheumatological Diseases, Catherine A. Staropoli and Christine Skotzko Endocrine Disorders, Jennifer S. Cardiovascular Disease, Sherri Hansen Gastrointestinal Disorders, Thomas N. Wise and Catherine C. Crone Herbert and Pamela Bachanas Field and Reid Brackin Cosmetic Surgery, David B. Sarwer and Michael J. Pertschuk IV.

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Sociocultural Issues for Women Developmental Perspectives on Gender, M. Beth Casey Marriage and Family, Marcia Lasswell Career and Workplace Issues, Diane K. Shrier Trauma and Violence, Bethany Brand Lesbian Women, Rochelle L. Klinger Women of Color, Cheryl S. Al-Mateen, Frances M.

3rd Edition

Research and Health Policy Issues Merkatz, Cathryn M. Clary, and Wilma Harrison Blehar and Grayson Norquist show more. Review quote "This comprehensive volume enriches our understanding of the biological and psychosocial influences that shape women's lives, and provides important information for assessing and treating psychiatric disorders as women experience them. This book is a valuable contemporary reference for all clinicians.

Mazure, PhD, Department of Psychiatry and Director, Women's Health Research at Yale, Yale University School of Medicine "Impressive for the breadth and depth of its coverage, this is an outstanding sourcebook for psychiatrists, primary care physicians, and other medical professionals treating women. Well organized, clearly written, and thoughtful, the book integrates virtually all that is currently known about women's mental health and provides the most current, comprehensive, and authoritative coverage of the field.

This book is a 'must' for any physician's shelf. The textbook displays a remarkable understanding of the role of psychological issues in the development and course of disease The breadth of issues presented--ranging from the reproductive cycle and psychiatric disorders to sociocultural issues--makes the textbook a valuable mental health resource for women at any stage of their lives. About Susan G. Kornstein Susan G. Kornstein has written or cowritten more than articles, chapters, and abstracts, and has been a principal investigator on over 30 research studies in the areas of depression, anxiety disorders, and premenstrual syndrome.

Anita H.


Given this context, when considering how to treat a young woman with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder who wishes to get pregnant and bear children, an interested reader could reflect on necessary considerations for the appropriate timing - including administration and tapering - of treatments such as lithium that would alleviate symptoms as much as possible for the woman, while avoiding potentially harmful effects on a foetus. To their great credit, the more than 70 contributors to this book provide a perspective that frames women as normal not "abnormal" or "pathological" while they negotiate assorted mental health concerns.

The text is pitched in such a way that a reader saddled with a DSM-style diagnostic label, herself, would not feel objectified while reading the textbook although some chapters are better at this than others and perhaps this is inevitable given the 37 diverse chapters. As a clinical psychologist, I found this textbook very appealing. It is largely written by contributors with the credentials of physicians and psychiatrists, yet the language and concepts are highly accessible to an informed reader without a medical degree.

The chapters contain valuable recent information that would allow a mental health practitioner to review empirical findings in the medical literature regarding varied diagnoses while obtaining sophisticated information in an easy-to-digest format. Comprehensive information is laid out for all of the most common DSM-IV TR diagnoses such as anxiety and mood disorders that affect women in large proportions. Biased by my current task-orientation as a lecturer, it seemed to me that this book would be ideal for all feminist university instructors wishing to complement their lectures with salient, comprehensive, and up-to-date material, not yet incorporated into the undergraduate textbooks.

This book would also be highly useful for graduate students specializing in clinical psychology and the psychology of women. The editors expected it to be used by clinicians, researchers, and students of psychiatry. However, the language and style of writing render the information accessible to readers with even a rudimentary knowledge of neurobiology and psychiatric diagnoses.

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