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Sorry ya girls not been posting, been feeling really bleh these last few days and struggling to find some motovation and time to get into suit and take some good pics for you all.. Flail the night away!

Looking forward to Frolic tomorrow night. Happy fursuitfriday! Anything fun? Welcome to the Yam fam dude!!! Thanks for the photo!!! Found itsprobablymars today!!! Tysm for the photo opportunity!!! Attack for ElvsRiver for Art fight!

#solangundersen photos & videos

I'm really proud of this piece since I was able to work out the pose and lanky anatomy without a reference and it turned out super nice and the linework has a lot of weight variation! I also used a older brush I had for painty like blending for the shading and I really liked how that turned out too!

However near the end my blur brush just went crazy along with parts of the canvas, blending did NOT work and colors didn't appear right or go away, it was also pixely had weird ripples and hard edges instead of a soft gradient fade. I don't know what to do to fix it but if anyone can help please tell me! I can't work with these problems, it was fine yesterday and I had to cut out a lot of details I wanted to add because of it! Also Anthrocon is this weekend!


Tag the suiter if you know them! About to head to floor war prelims and then wandering around the rest of the evening. Come find me to say hello!

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Fursuitfriday furry furries fursona fursuiting wolf aquafrost costume mascot blueraspberry fursuit fursuits furcon furrycon furryconvention pittsburgh anthrocon anthrocon anthrocon19 ac ac Anthrocon AC Anthrocon howtofindme ampuppy furry furryfandom fursuiter fursuit fursuitpartial fursuits furryconvention furcon furryartist. UwU found a good dino pupper!!! Thanks for the pic fam! Always awesome to see u and my old gorl!

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