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I hope not. And if not, why do want him to be our president? The election could not be more clear. President Trump and his supporters want to continue the strong economic policies that build America up, while Democrats want to bash America and continue their unfounded witch hunts that tear America down. They may have personal preferences, which is fine, but when they are called out to help someone, the public has to have confidence that they will respond equally for a supporter of Sen. Elizabeth Warren as well as a supporter of Trump. Second, I find it appalling that the police union would endorse a president who has worked to weaken labor law.

Recent Supreme Court decisions about public sector unions and the trashing of the National Labor Relations Board are a few examples. Third, the MPD has a reputation of being heavy-handed and unprofessional. Whether this is deserved or not, the reputation is out there. This endorsement of a politician who openly flouts the law only enhances this reputation.

Fourth, Minneapolis has a sizable minority population that feels that they are under attack by our president. These officers have alienated this population and made it harder to properly serve them.

I visit Minneapolis often, visiting friends and restaurants. I do not have as much confidence in the MPD as in the departments of other cities. I consider myself to be independent politically. I left work early to attend the Trump rally Thursday and made a point before and after to stand amid the many protesters outside to listen and observe.

I support the rights of citizens to protest. However, what I witnessed was not protesting, but an endless stream of hate and rage toward the president, as well as harassment and intimidation of people simply making their way to the rally. The perpetrators ranged in age from young to old. The lack of condemnation of this vile behavior by Democratic Party leadership is disturbing.

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Thank you to the thousands of beautiful, peaceful Minnesotans who showed up to the Trump protest on Thursday night. Thank you for being there despite the rain, the difficulty in getting there, and the fear of anarchist violence. Thank you to the woman with a walker, to the young woman on crutches, to the veteran who appeared to have difficulty standing but was there holding his sign, to the families who brought their children and to all else who felt it important enough to be there, regardless of difficulty, to speak out against this horrible president.

Evil can only exist if good people do nothing. Haaland and Davids are the first two Native American women elected to Congress. They were joined by Lt. Peggy Flanagan, who is White Earth Ojibwe. These women warriors spread a message of inspiration and love to our students, who have rarely if ever seen anyone like themselves in positions of power.

This was significant for our local American Indian community, who despite being repressed and neglected over the years, remains as resilient as ever. Veronica visits Weevil in prison before she decides to look into a pizza delivered to Weevil's house. Sheriff Lamb tells Keith that the ex-husband has disappeared before accusing Keith in the ex-husband's disappearance. Keith thinks that Dean O'Dell was involved in the disappearance, but when he visits Dean, it turns out that Dean's wife and stepson have disappeared to a hospital in Mexico , presumably taking the ex-husband with them.

Wallace visits a "tutor", who gives him a mysterious "study guide" before going back to for the "answers. Veronica tracks the casino robber down to a volunteer police officer. She has evidence, and the police comes to arrest him. However, they don't find the necklace. At the hospital, Keith hesitates when O'Dell asks him what he would do if Veronica were in danger.

Veronica gets her necklace back from the perpetrator's daughter.

Donald Trump’s Politics of Hate Began With a “Cynical and Evil” GOP Memo – Mother Jones

Because he gave bone marrow, the ex-husband now has a much more favorable divorce settlement. Veronica tracks down the suspect in the photo, Wang Yi, but his roommate tells Veronica that he is Claire's boyfriend. In its original broadcast, "President Evil" was viewed by 2. The episode received mixed reviews from television critics.

Eric Goldman, writing for IGN , gave a mostly positive review, giving it a 7. He stated, "Things are still a bit wobbly on Veronica Mars this season, though this episode had some elements that hopefully herald a turn in the right direction. Club , gave a very mixed review, commenting positively on Veronica and Weevil's relationship while criticizing other aspects of the episode. That is, until the ending. Reviewer Alan Sepinwall also had mixed comments, comparing the episode to House and stating, "And yet as much as Veronica was annoying me, as much as I wanted to yell at her for automatically jumping to conclusions with Weevil more on that in a minute , this was maybe my favorite episode of the season.

I dug it. Not terrible by any means, but it felt lacking in certain ways, particularly when it came to the total lack of Piz and Dick.

Where were they? After being abandoned by their employer following a failed attempt to rescue a civilian, Umbrella soldiers Carlos Oliveira and Nicholai Ginovaef team up with the surviving STARS operatives to repel zombie attacks.

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Their position is overrun, and Oliveira is bitten and infected. At a separate location, Valentine, Wells, and news reporter Terri Morales, are about to be overrun, though they are saved by Alice.

RESIDENT EVIL RETRIBUTION (2012) - FULL MOVIE TRAILER HD - Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory - Action

Umbrella deploys a heavily mutated experimental supersoldier , Nemesis , who kills the remaining STARS members before searching for Alice. Ashford hacks into the city's CCTV system and uses it to contact Alice and the other survivors, offering to arrange their evacuation from the city in exchange for help in locating his daughter. He makes an identical offer to Oliveira and Ginovaef, and explains that Umbrella intends to rid Raccoon City of the zombie infection by destroying it using a nuclear bomb.

Alice and the others head to Angela's location, where they are ambushed by Nemesis. Valentine kills Wells after he turns into a zombie. Alice engages Nemesis but is wounded and forced to retreat separately, luring Nemesis away from the rest of the group. Valentine and Morales continue, picking up stranded civilian L. Valentine meets Oliveira and they find and rescue Angela, although Morales and Ginovaef are both killed. Angela reveals that the zombie outbreak is the result of a virus created by her father to treat the genetic disease from which she suffers: only by regularly injecting herself with the virus is Angela able to survive, though she must also take anti-virus serum to prevent turning into a zombie.

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Alice uses some of the anti-virus to cure Oliveira. Ashford gives Alice the location of an extraction point where a helicopter awaits.

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  • Donald Trump’s Politics of Hate Began With a “Cynical and Evil” GOP Memo – Mother Jones.
  • The group makes it to the rendezvous point, but are ambushed by Umbrella forces. Major Cain kills Dr. Ashford and forces Alice to fight Nemesis.

    Updated: Images from the new Resident Evil leak

    Alice gains the upper hand over the supersoldier, though she ceases fighting after realizing that he is Matt Addison, mutated by Umbrella's experiments. Nemesis turns on Major Cain and attacks the Umbrella troops, but is killed protecting Alice. The rest of the survivors seize the helicopter; they eject Major Cain from it and he gets killed by the zombies, including a zombified Dr.

    As the survivors escape, the nuclear bomb detonates over the city, and the resulting blast wave causes the helicopter to crash. Alice sacrifices herself to save Angela and is impaled on a metal pole. TV footage attributes the nuclear attack to a meltdown of the city's power plant, covering up Umbrella's involvement. Alice wakes up in an Umbrella research facility and escapes with help from Oliveira, Valentine, L.

    As they are escaping, Dr. Alexander Isaacs, a high-ranking Umbrella employee, reveals that Alice's escape is part of Umbrella's plan for her. Media studies scholar Stephen Harper said that both Apocalypse and the first Resident Evil film present "highly ambiguous" perspectives on the themes of corporate power, race, gender and sexuality. Describing them both as postmodern and postfeminist texts, Harper argued that, despite containing some progressive elements including feminist themes that undermine patriarchal power, the films also played into several stereotypes.

    He said the relationship between Alice and Valentine differs from interactions between male characters in action films as seen by a lack of camaraderie and co-operation between the two and, unlike male characters in Apocalypse , both Valentine and Alice are separately shown being "protective and nurturing" of the young Angela; Harper stated even violent action heroines are often portrayed with such characteristics.

    Harper also criticized how their revealing clothing and camera angles objectified Alice and Valentine throughout the film, and noted that through the African-American character L. Apocalypse showed an "ironic awareness" of racist stereotypes, though "it stops short of challenging them and, indeed, often deploys them". Douglas Kellner from the University of California in Los Angeles argued the film's ending played "on fears of out of control nuclear technology and government cover-ups".

    A news segment shown in the film, which claimed that reports of corporate wrongdoing were false and that people should instead be thanking the Umbrella Corporation, was "a barely disguised allegory of lying by corporations and the state during the Bush - Cheney era". Anderson discussed a potential sequel. Anderson said he began writing the screenplay for the second film after completing the first, and had plans for Alice to meet up with Jill Valentine. Jovovich confirmed her character would return in the sequel if the first film was successful.

    Predator He stayed on as the film's screenwriter and as one of its producers.